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Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance organizes the Second online infomeeting of tourism professionals

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After the first Info meeting organized by Alliance Bulgarian Black Sea in April, we received extremely positive feedback from many participants and everyone was united around the opinion that the meeting was useful and constructive, as well as the need to make it a regular one. In this regard, we fulfill our commitment and are pleased to invite you to

Second Info Meeting of Tourism Professionals


June 6, 2022 (Monday) 3.30-5.30 p.m.

through the Zoom platform

We will again share up-to-date information from (1.) Fraport AD regarding the expected traffic at Burgas and Varna airports, (2.) the situation with reservations from Tour Operators and (3.) Hoteliers and (4.) to receive an update on the work of the Ministry of Tourism , represented by Prof. Mariela Modeva - Deputy. Minister of Tourism, in relation to the 2022 summer season.

Along with the presentation part, we will provide the opportunity to present your constructive proposals for the improvement of the state of the sector in terms of the current legislation, so we will be glad if you participate in the discussion with them.

We will again try to agree on common goals and ways to achieve them and cooperation between the private sector, government and municipalities.

Active link to the meeting:

Meeting ID: 923 7653 1143

Passcode: S9kkAD

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!