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Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance celebrates one year since its foundation

 Bulgaria as a tourist destination needs much better marketing!

 Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance celebrates one year since its foundation


On 28.07.2022, the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance celebrates its 1st Anniversary. The main goal of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance is to unite the private companies, the Black Sea municipalities, and the Ministry of Tourism to achieve a strong tourism brand and better marketing for the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The association is determined to develop and implement marketing strategies and campaigns in the main tourist markets – Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, etc. The alliance also aims to improve communication and collaboration between all stakeholders in the sector. Members are airports, airlines, tour operators, hoteliers, non-governmental organizations, as well as other organizations related to tourism including the municipality of Burgas.

Dr. Frank Quante, Head of the Board of Directors: “Bulgaria very obviously needs to start successful international marketing, otherwise the negative trend of the touristic sector will continue. There are some external negative factors such as COVID and the Ukraine war. But the biggest problem is that there is for years insufficient marketing for Bulgaria as a highly attractive destination. We will continue with our efforts to change this and invite everyone to join! In tourism we have to work together, then we can write a success story for Bulgaria!’

The Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance initiated the periodically held "Info meetings of tourism professionals", with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, started and participated in the organization of a Bulgarian-Polish business forum in the city of Warsaw, attended numerous meetings of the tourist sector and carried out an initial selection of internationally recognized destination marketing agencies.

On the occasion of the first birthday of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance, the association's Management Board expresses its gratitude to all its members for their trust and courage to join this ambitious initiative, the goals of which extend beyond the prosperity of any particular member of the organization.

Special gratitude also goes to all partners who have supported the Alliance's activities, some of which are:

- His Excellency Christoph Eichhorn - Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bulgaria;

- Mr. Ilin Dimitrov - Chairman of the Committee on Tourism of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria;

- Mr. Nikolay Kostov - Counselor at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Warsaw;

 - Association of incoming agencies with the chairman - Mr. Ivan Groshev;

- The German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce with the chief manager - Dr. Mitko Vassilev, as well as all other members.


Position paper of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance:

Who we are: The Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance was founded in July 2021 as a legally registered non-commercial Private-Public-Partnership with the goal to significantly grow and improve tourism on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Members are Airport operators, Hoteliers, Tour operators, Airlines, Municipalities, Service providers and tourist-oriented NGOs. New members are welcome and the goal is to represent the whole value chain of tourism at the Black Sea of Bulgaria. We cooperate closely with the Ministry of Tourism and other governmental authorities.


  1. Significant improvement and strengthening of the international marketing of Bulgaria as a touristic destination;
  2. Growing as a touristic destination in current TOP source markets and developing new markets, especially North Europe, France and Middle East countries;
  3. Legislative changes to enable effective spending of the marketing funds of the Ministry of Tourism possible, as well as its ability to enter Public-Private Partnerships;
  4. Easing the visa regime for tourists from high potential markets, especially Middle East countries;
  5. Organizing marketing events in the high potential source markets – Poland, Germany, France, etc.;
  6. Overall lobbying for and improvements of the touristic sector at the Bulgarian Black Sea including the exchange of relevant information in the sector.