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Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance marks its second Anniversary

On 30.07.2023, Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance - a non-profit organization initiated with the leading role of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management, celebrates its second anniversary.
Founded in 2021 with the initiative and main driving force in  of Dr. Frank Quante - CEO of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management, the goal of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance is to raise the image and reputation of our Black Sea region internationally by positioning and promoting all aspects of the tourism product offered.
The association is focused on the development and implementation of a marketing strategy and campaign in the main tourist markets - Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, etc. The Alliance also aims to improve communication and cooperation between all stakeholders in the sector. Members of the association are: airports, airlines, tour operators, hoteliers, non-governmental organizations, as well as other organizations related to tourism, including Burgas municipality.
On the occasion of the second birthday of Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance, the Board of Directors of the association expresses a huge gratitude to all its members for their trust, shared vision and courage to join such an ambitious initiative, whose goals are focused beyond the prosperity of any particular member organization .
For these two years, among the achievements of the Alliance are:
- Bulgarian-Polish Business Forum in Warsaw, Poland, organized jointly with the Ministry of Tourism in May 2022.
- Marketing trip to Poland on October 24-27, 2022
- Marketing trip to Germany on February 6-10, 2023
- Active assistance in organizing the Bulgarian-Israeli tourist forum May 16-17, 2023
- Regular information events for tourism professionals, held jointly with the Ministry of Tourism
- Cooperation with Berlin Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Krakow Airport in order to promote the destination
- Study tours for media professionals

Next steps
Until the end of 2023, BBSA will continue with a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the destination in our key markets and improving cooperation between the private sector and the Ministry of Tourism.
Among the main tasks before the association are:
- Continue and increase marketing tours with B2B and media events, tending to become a regular activity
- The next marketing trip to the UK in is planned to take place in mid-December 2023 or January 2024
- Launch of B2C marketing campaigns in key markets
- Cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism to develop a strategy for tourism in Bulgaria
- Inclusion of the Black Sea municipalities
- Bringing more representatives of the private sector to the common cause

Our goals:
1. Significant improvement and strengthening of the international marketing of Bulgaria as a tourist destination;

2. Growing as a tourist destination in the current TOP emitting markets and developing new markets, especially Northern Europe, France and the countries of the Middle East:

3. Legislative changes to enable effective spending of the Ministry of Tourism's marketing funds, as well as its ability to enter into public-private partnerships;

4. Easing the visa regime for tourists from high-potential markets, especially countries from the Middle East;

5. Organization of marketing events in markets with high potential - Poland, Germany, France, etc.;

6. General lobbying for the improvement of the tourism sector along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, including exchange of current information in the sector.