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International event for entrepreneurs "Start for Future": Summit 2023

On June 23, 2023, the international event for entrepreneurs "Start for the Future": Summit 2023 took place at the Varna University of Economics.

It is hosted by Deep Technology Innovation Port - Varna (DTIPV), and organized by Junior Achievement Bulgaria, its subsidiary The Edge: R&BD, University of Economics - Varna and the Municipality of Varna with the support of EIT Urban Mobility and EIT HEI Initiative.

The event brought together innovators and change agents from across Europe (around 20 countries) to create synergies and foster collaboration to create innovation. Among the guests and participants are representatives of universities, business and industry, state and local authorities, politicians, start-ups, researchers and innovators.

The official opening was attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Varna Ivan Portnih, the Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoicheva, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Prof. Dr. Genka Petrova-Tashkova, the Rector of the University of Economics - Varna Prof. Dr. Evgeni Stanimirov and many others.

The event also brought together representatives of the academic community, business, startup community, local government and European ecosystems. Others were present on behalf of the Alliance Bulgarian Black Sea. Frank Kvante - chairman of the Board of Directors and executive director of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management and Milena Todorova - project manager of the association.