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A Bulgarian-Polish business forum was initiated in Warsaw by the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance

Bulgaria will be one of the three countries that Poland will promote on its tourist market

On 11.05.2022, at the initiative of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance, a Bulgarian-Polish business forum with a focus on tourism took place in Warsaw. The Minister of Tourism, Hristo Prodanov, opened the forum, during which he met with Andrzej Gut-Mostowi, State Secretary for Tourism at the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Poland.

"I hope that COVID-19 is now behind us and never returns so that we are free to work and travel. The war in Ukraine also has an additional negative impact on our region. My main mission today is to assure the Polish people that Bulgaria is a safe destination. I assure you that your compatriots will spend a peaceful and memorable holiday", noted Minister Prodanov in his greeting.

"We were always happy when Polish tourists visited us. As a result of the bilateral agreement signed in 2021 and the opening of our tourist office in Warsaw, bilateral relations are developing well. I see potential for a good perspective for development", added the Bulgarian minister. He extended an invitation to State Secretary Andrzej Gut-Mostovi for a visit to Bulgaria, during which a business forum will be held.

For his part, Gut-Mostovi noted the readiness to conduct a broad media and advertising campaign of Bulgaria in Poland. And he added that he will make efforts to develop trade and tourism relations successfully. Bulgaria will be one of the three countries that will be promoted on the tourist market in Poland. "Thank you for the invitation, we are ready to participate in a tourism-economic mission in Bulgaria," stated State Secretary Gut-Mostovi.

The forum was attended by representatives of the tourism business from both countries, who unequivocally stated that with a proper marketing policy, tourism exchange between the two countries could reach much higher levels.