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Regular annual General Meeting of Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance

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To the Members of the Non-Profit Association "Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance "


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We inform you that the Management Board of the Non-Profit Association Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance, on the basis of Art. 24, para. 1 from ZYULNC, decided to call Regular annual General Assembly of the association organized as a Video meeting through the Zoom platform

on July 11, 2022, Monday, from 2 p.m. with the following agenda:

1. Annual report on the activities of the Association for the reporting year 2021 - discussion and adoption;

2. Information on the activities of the Association in 2022 – presentation;

3. Confirmation of a reduced amount of annual membership fees for 2021;

4. Annual financial report for 2021 - discussion and adoption;

5. Exoneration of the members of the Management Board for their activities in 2021 - discussion and adoption;

6. Proposal and discussion for the further development of the Association;

7. Adopting a decision on the amount of annual membership fees for 2022 and the deadline for their payment by members;

8. Budget for the financial year 2022 - discussion and adoption;

9. Code of Ethics of the Association - discussion and adoption.

10. Miscellaneous

All materials on the agenda of the General Assembly are available at the office of the Association - city of Varna, Varna airport. We will send you the presentation and solution proposals before the meeting. We hope and invite you to personally participate in the meeting! If this is not possible, please send authorized representatives to submit a written power of attorney. In the absence of a quorum, on the basis of Art. 27 ZULNC, the meeting will be held as a video meeting via the Zoom platform on the same day at 3 p.m. with the same agenda.

Sincerely and best wishes:

Dr. Frank Quante

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alliance Bulgarian Black Sea


Maria Shishkova-Ilieva

Member of the Management Board of Alliance Bulgarian Black Sea


Hristo Todorov

Member of the Management Board of Alliance Bulgarian Black Sea


Dr. Martin Zahariev

Member of the Management Board of  Alliance Bulgarian Black Sea