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The second marketing "roadshow" of the tourist sector, promoting Bulgaria as a tourist destination in Germany

The Ministry of Tourism, together with the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance and AVIAREPS, organized a promotional tour in five cities in Germany

The second Bulgarian marketing tour organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance in cooperation with the authoritative marketing agency AVIAREPS has started. It takes place from February 6-10 in Germany. After the success of the first such trip in Poland in October 2022, the focus is now on 5 cities in Germany: Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf, where a series of B2B meetings will be held between the 15 representatives of the tourism sector in Bulgaria and more than 160 potential partners from Germany. The purpose of the trip is to establish and expand existing business relations as well as to advertise Bulgaria as a destination.

The Ministry of Tourism will be represented by Bulgaria's commercial attaché for tourism - Tihomir Patarinski, together with Frank Quante Ph.D. - Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance and CEO of “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD. Along with meeting with the German tourist sector, there will be media events organized in two of the cities- Berlin and Munich, where Bulgaria as a tourist destination will be promoted.

The Bulgarian group is represented by a number of the members of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance namely Albena Group, Avatar Tour, Flamingo Hotel, Fraport Bulgaria, Melia International, Prestige Hotels, Sts. Constantine and Helena and Topola Skies, along with Balkan holidays, Go2Holiday, Grifid Hotels, MTS Globe, slr holiday service, Solvex and Therma Eco Village.

Organized by "Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" AD, the Bulgarian "roadshow" will be supported by advertising through the digital business network of 62 screens of Frankfurt Airport, on which advertising clips of the destination Bulgaria will be shown.

After the success of the first such event, and evaluating the importance and potential of the German market for our tourism industry, this "roadshow" builds on what has been achieved, and on this trip, four other cities will be visited in addition to the German capital.

The trip program includes events as follows:

February 6 – Berlin;

February 7 – Leipzig;

February 8 – Munich;

February 9 – Frankfurt;

February 10 - Dusseldorf.

Germany is a traditional target market for the Bulgarian tourist product, and it also appears to have the greatest potential for our tourism, on the background of the negative consequences that were suffered from the war in Ukraine. With this trip, business representatives are given the opportunity to establish new contacts directly with partners from Germany in the regions with the highest potential for Bulgarian tourism.

Position paper of the Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance:

Who we are: The Bulgarian Black Sea Alliance was founded in July 2021 as a legally registered non-commercial Private-Public-Partnership with the goal to significantly grow and improve tourism on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Members are Airport operators, Hoteliers, Tour operators, Airlines, Municipalities, Service providers and tourist-oriented NGOs. New members are welcome and the goal is to represent the whole value chain of tourism at the Black Sea of Bulgaria. We cooperate closely with the Ministry of Tourism and other governmental authorities.